Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Announcing "My Legume Love Affair - MLLA # 70 " for April

Hello every one, how are you all doing?  It has been a while since I posted any recipes. I have been on a vacation trip to India and now I am trying to settle into a new routine. Due to all the sudden changes happening in my life, the blogging part has suffered quite a lot. Hoping to be back to full scale blogging by April mid. 

One year back, when I started blogging, slowly I learned about other wonderful blogs present in the blogosphere and started following many of them. Spent hours reading them and through them I was guided to the various events conducted by the various bloggers to share their wonderful and innovative recipes. The first event that I ever took part was My Legume Love Affair (MLLA) . A long running very popular monthly event that features legumes as the main item. Started by Susan of The Well Seasoned Cook in 2008, MLLA  is now managed by Lisa of "Lisa's Vegetarian Kitchen". I love incorporating legumes in my dishes and was so glad to find an event where I could participate and learn about other recipes based on legumes. I tried to take part in the event every month, but havent been able to follow due to various constraints. I also requested Lisa to provide me a chance to host MLLA sometime. And it worked off. Here I am so proud and excited to host the 70 th edition of My Legume Love Affair for April - MLLA #70 on my blog space. Thank you so much Lisa for giving me the wonderful opportunity to host an event that I have come to love so much. 

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Coffee Cake with almond topping - First Blog Anniversary Special

Belated Happy new year wishes to all of you !!! Hope every one enjoyed their holidays :) Any new year resolutions guys? Hope you are fulfilling them to the best of your ability!! Stick to them and keep going.  My resolutions for the year ?? I havent decided yet :P I  mean I have quite a few in my mind. But couldnt decide which I actually want to implement :) Usually most of my resolutions are never ever practically implemented :( Even if I start following them, they are abandoned almost the second day. But, one year ago on January 8th 2013, I decided to follow one of my resolutions for the year and started a blog - A day through my life. It was something that was on my mind for sometime. but kept on delaying it... I wasnt sure what I wanted the blog to be at first. But then as I started writing on my online diary, I realized I was spending so much time on cooking and recipes and making a note of them, I decided to make it completely a food blog rather than a personal diary. After some days of blogging, I realized that the decision to start a blog was simple enough but maintaining it proved to a slightly difficult task. but then I didnt want to leave blogging saying I couldnt manage it. I was hooked on blogging by then and even though slowly, I was learning a lot and that kept me going. Sometime after I started learning so much about food blogging and the other wonderful blogs and their recipes, my health suffered and I was unable to cook much. Recovery is still in progress, but my blogging has suffered. There was one time last year when I didnt even know whether I will be able to complete one year of blogging. But today after all the initial hiccups, I am very very proud to say that my blog baby is turning ONE !!! Be it a birthday or an anniversary, the first year .. yeah .. Its quite special. And a celebration is a must !! What better than a cake to start off :) 

Friday, December 27, 2013

Keera Mutta Thoran/ Spinach egg stir fry with grated coconut

Hello every one, how are the holidays coming along?  Hope you all had a great Christmas and was able to spend valuable time with family. I am afraid this is going to be my last post for this year. I am travelling a little bit at the end of the year. And unfortunately I didnt get much time to plan ahead and post some grand item as my last post for this year as much as I wanted to :(. But I hope to make it all up in January when I will complete one year of blogging. Even though I wanted to, I wasnt able to spend much time on blogging this year due to health issues and other stuffs. But again guys, I wont be able to compensate much next year too due to lots of travel being planned. Visiting home for a while and then again bringing my inlaws here for a visit for 6 months and lots of other planned activities which may reduce my alone time a lot.  But that doesnt mean that I am going to give up blogging. Infact, I will try my best to improve my quality of blogging, may be not quantity and publish useful recipes as much as I can. 

I cant believe the year 2013 is ending. The year passed so quickly... Thinking back, it hasnt been that bad a year. There were many ups and downs for me. I suffered a lot healthwise affecting my day to day life a lot.. I was also almost conned by some people from India. Keeping all that and much more aside, I was able to start a food blog, learn more about food and blogging, made lots of friends and there are many more plus points as well. I am happy that the year is ending and hopefully 2014 will be an even better year. How was your year guys ? Enjoy the last week of 2013 and let us celebrate and usher in a new year with lots of hopes and dreams. 

Today I am sharing the recipe of Keera Mutta Thoran (Spinach Egg Thoran or Spinach - Egg in grated coconut mixture). My mom used to make mutta thoran with grated coconut and I just improved it a bit by adding spinach to that combo, trying to make it a little bit more healthy. Hope you all like the dish. This makes an excellent side dish with rice and Chappathi. 

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Muringakka Thoran/ Drumsticks Thoran

I have been able to blog very little these days. But blogging has always been on the back of my mind and it kept on nagging me that I am not posting recipes frequently as much as I like. So today, I woke up determined to blog a new recipe and with camera in hand, entered the kitchen and started planning lunch menu. Checked my refrigerator and found some Drumsticks/ Muringakka. Okay, decided on a simple and healthy side dish - Drumsticks/ Muringakka Thoran. 

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Chena Mezhukkupuratti - Yam Stir Fry

Hello Every one, How are you all doing? Winter has started here, Sun is setting earlier and earlier these days. Its becoming dark here at 4 pm now. Used to go for walks with my friends in the evenings during Summer. Now that has been put on hold due to the cold weather. Its difficult to enjoy a good walk when its dark and cold!! Initially when my outdoor activities reduced, I thought I was getting more time for blogging. But then realized that though I can cook more, I cant post any of them due to lack of proper lighting for photos. I tried enhancing photos, but may be I am not using a good software for that perhaps. But I like the photos taken in proper sunlight rather than the enhanced ones. So now, I can post mostly what ever food I cook during the morning and afternoon. But some how my mornings are so hectic, in the hurry to call home before every one sleeps in India and preparing break fast and then lunch before hubby comes home at noon, I hardly find time to take pics. And when lunch is over, nothing is left to take pics. 

A preview of today's recipe before we go further :)

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Oats Upma with vegetables for World Diabetes day

Hello friends, Today's a very special post dedicated towards Diabetes. Yes, November 14 is commonly known among us as Children's day(India) celebrated on the birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime minister of Independent India. But did you know that Nov 14 is also the World Diabetes day ? Most of you may be aware of Diabetes disease. If not, in simple terms, Diabetes is the inability of the body to transfer sugar(glucose) from the blood to the body's cells which acts as the energy for the cells. This action is performed by a hormone in the pancreas called insulin. Diabetes is caused when either the body does not produce sufficient insulin or it does not use insulin correctly. High sugar levels in the blood can result in serious heart problems such as heart attacks, strokes or blindness over a period of time.

Many of my uncles and aunts have diabetes and somehow they are managing through medication, healthy and conscious eating and regular physical activity. After marriage, I came to know that my father in law has had diabetes for a couple of years and have to take daily insulin injections. Also he has problems with his foot due to diabetes. I admire my mother in law who has managed to keep my father in law's diabetes under control through healthy food choices. I am aware of the fact that my inlaws have gone through much tension involving my father in law's diabetics. Its always in my mind and not just for diabetics, simply to be healthy, I have always tried to make my cooking healthier. So when Swathi of Zesty Indian Kitchen messaged me asking whether I was interested in doing a diabetic friendly post, immediately I agreed to it. Plan is simple. A couple of bloggers are going to spread awareness about World Diabetics day ( something which I was not aware of before Swathi messaged me) by posting a diabetic friendly post on Nov 14. Thank you Swathi for planning this initiative to make people more aware. I am glad to be part of it.